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  5. Alpe d’Huez
  6. Hello, this is Iceland.
Here is an info-graphic with many facts on it. Most of them are about me. It is very nice for humans who do not enjoy reading numbers of economics or geography or history. 
There are also facts about my language. My most beautiful word is “ljósmóðir” and It means “midwife.” It is made by joining the words “ljós” and that means “light,” and “móðir” and that means “mother.” So, in a very literal sense it means “mother of light,” which is a way of saying mother of life. 
There is also my ugliest word and it is “Geirvarta.” It means “nipple.” It is made by joining the words “geir” that means “spear” and “varta” which means “wart.” So, literally, it means “spearwart.” 
You can not get it as chewing gum flavor, though. 
  7. It just had to be shared. I love bikes. I love road races. Now I love the cool stuff that I will never be able to do…

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